About Ruth Rollins

Before I ever went into the advertising and marketing business, I was a consumer. As a child, I would see a toy on display and use all my abilities to get my parents to buy it for me. Once I was older and had an allowance, there were certain products that I would buy on an ongoing basis. Sometimes I would spy something new and want to give it a try.

While the quality of what was in the box was the most important thing, the fact is that the first thing I usually noticed was the packaging. Something about those packages would catch my eye and then my imagination. If I liked what I saw, I was more likely to do my level best to own that product.

You and I are not so different in that aspect. We often discover new products to try based on what the packaging looks like. If you are thinking of developing some type of product for sale to the general public, let me help you understand how to come up with the right designs for your packaging. When matched with a high quality product, your chances for success are greatly enhanced.