Effective Design Elements for Media Packaging

Media packaging must provide two basic benefits. It must protect the contents and it must at-tract the attention of potential buyers. Using specific design elements for media packaging will accomplish both these goals.

Sturdy Casing

With DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray discs, the packaging also functions as permanent housing. That means the case must be strong and able to stand up to years of use. Make sure the case opens with ease, and that the disc can be secured inside so that it is not scratched easily.


The outside of the case must capture the eye and also provide basic information about the me-dia itself. Colors, lettering in different fonts, and images will enhance the overall appearance of the package. Include basic information such as whether the package contains a CD or a DVD, system compatibility based on region, and other details that the buyer will need to know.

The goal is for the consumer to spot the media on a shelf, pick it up, and in a matter of seconds know if it is what he or she wants. A sturdy case also means that the buyer can rest assured that storing the product at home will not be a problem, and add more value to the purchase.