The Benefits of Effective Food Packaging

Food packaging must offer more than one function. The most effective food packaging sets reasonable customer expectations and protects the contents from damage or spoiling. Accom-plishing both these goals will increase the odds that customers will be back to purchase more when and as needed.

Setting Expectations

The graphics used on the packaging must accurately convey the quality of the contents. If you are small boxes of frozen vegetables, the images on the package must include the same type of vegetables found inside. Anything less will disappoint the buyer and mean the loss of a custom-er.

Protecting the Product

The packaging must also ensure the product is fresh and safe for consumption. Cereal boxes must be sealed, and the inner liners must prevent the product from going stale. All it takes is one sleeve of crumbling and old tasting crackers to drive a consumer into the arms of a com-petitor.

Don’t be happy with just barely meeting the governmental regulations for food packaging. Go the extra step and test packaging ideas that protect the quality and allow the food to remain fresh even after an extended period of storage. Doing so will go a long way in making sure that customers trust your brand and recommend it to other consumers.