Why Toy Packaging Uses Bright Colors

Aside from using packaging that is safe, there is the matter of design. Many manufacturers favor color as a way to attract positive attention to their products. All it takes is one walk down the toy aisle of a big box retail store to see that toy packaging uses bright colors.

Capturing the Eye

Along with shape, the bright colors are very likely to attract the eye of a child who is walking down the toy aisle. They will often instinctively reach out for the boxes so they can get a closer look at what wonders those containers have to offer.

Relating Color to Brand

Parents are also attracted by colors. This is especially true if they associated certain color groups with specific brands or kinds of toys. If a certain brand always uses packaging that is in red and yellow, then that is what the savvy parent will scan for when entering the toy aisle.

Living Up to the Promise

Remember that bright colors may promise fun and quality, but what is inside must ultimately deliver those attributes. If your toy does not live up to expectations, your trademark color scheme will no longer be the means of motivating customers to buy your products. Instead, it will serve an easy way to avoid them at all costs.